Plotzi Takes Care Of All Your 3rd Party Platform Problems

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sell products on Amazon. Worry of your brand image being damaged by counterfeits, MAP pricing violations, and more… It should never be this hard to sell your product on popular online marketplaces. Plotzi makes it easy for brands to take advantage of the volume on Amazon with little to no effort.


It starts by getting to know your brand, the products you offer, and finding the ways we can best offer help.


We will then purchase your products and have them delivered to our warehouse.


We take care of the rest! Our team will prepare and your products safely to Amazon (or other platforms agreed upon). Any special requirements or requests will be executed and monitored.

Our Services

Our 100% Free Services

We monitor pricing for all the sellers on your product listings and make sure MAP policies are being followed. This is one of the biggest problems brands face when selling on platforms like Amazon.

We prefer to establish exclusive selling rights with your brand and enforce MAP policy while removing un-authorized sellers from your listings. However, we can also work seamlessly within the frameworks you have established. If you have other authorized sellers selling your product, we will make sure they are also following the policies you have set forth.

Many brands are wary of un-authorized sellers taking over their product listings. They cause violations in MAP pricing policies, sell counterfeit items, and more… The reality of this scenario is that it presents potential harm to your valuable brand. We take every step necessary to eliminate un-authorized sellers from damaging your brand.

Listings take countless hours too perfect and manage. On Amazon and other platforms, your listing content can greatly affect the sales you generate. We make sure your products are represented by professional listings that utilize strategic SEO methods to help your products rank higher and sell more often.

After we do an analysis and determine which improvements would suit your listings best, we will go above and beyond to put them into affect immediately. If your product listings need higher quality pictures, we will fix them. If your product needs more detailed descriptions, we will write them. We will utilize our large staff to polish any and everything you may need for your product listings!

It takes time and resources to create product bundles and multi-packs. However, these products are often very desirable to customers. For example: A customer may want a variety pack of chips with 3 different flavors, or a multipack of drill bits containing 12 bits.

Our staff can handle it all! We will take your products into our warehouse and delegate them to necessary bundles or multi-packs that your customers are asking for.

Amazon’s 2D Transparency Codes allow brands to apply a “sticker” to their product to verify authenticity. This barcode is then scanned at Amazon’s warehouse before it is shipped to the customer. Only products with this “sticker” are allowed to be shipped to maintain there are no authentic products being sent to your customer.

At Plotzi we can apply these stickers to your product to make sure your customers are always receiving an authentic product. It’s an extra safe guard that we always recommend.

Once you ship your product out the door, we take care of the rest. We want the process to be extremely simple for you. Once your product arrives at our warehouse, we properly distribute it amongst the sales channels we agreed upon.

We also handle logistics regarding international sales across third-party platform selling.

Our staff is highly skilled in different advertising channels. However, we often utilize PPC Campaigns when selling a brand’s products on Amazon. They are complex, yet extremely effective for generating a better product rank on Amazon.

PPC Campaigns are often needed for smaller brands during the growth stage on platforms like Amazon. We will do a thorough analysis of your brands position on Amazon, wether you are brand new or a highly established brand. Then we will determine if PPC Campaigns would be effective for your brand. Again, this will be at no cost to you.

Never worry about losing a distribution channel through seller account shutdowns. Many Amazon sellers deal with account shutdowns. This leads to their brand relationships losing sales.

We have protection against this unlike any other third-party platform seller. You will never experience a loss in sales dollars because of an Amazon account shutdown with Plotzi!

With our investors, Plotzi has the ability to maintain large purchase orders.

Our goal is to become an exclusive seller of your brand on Amazon and other third party platforms. If we are able to arrange this, we will make sure we have capital allocated to spend with your brand in order to entirely replace the revenue you generate from selling to multiple companies.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s build your brand together! We will do all the work. All you need to do is fill out a contact form and we will get back to you ASAP about next steps.